Investment Thesis

Our core beliefs

gradient background

Building the open economy

Ever evolving thesis


Fabric began (under the Firestartr brand) to address the gap for £500k seed tickets across Europe and across the key sectors of distributed computing; AI; fintech; devops; open source and marketplaces.


The thesis was refined to emphasise decentralisation; developers; data and delicious software products.


The thesis was brought to a finer point in the form of our Web3 medium post. with the concept of the ‘fourth & golden age of open source software’ where new cryptography, game theory and token economics wrestle power back from the ‘feudal’ tech titans.


We updated the thesis with a deep dive on Open Finance primitives in the emerging stack; and emergence of Gaming within Open Media.


Work on the next chapter in our thesis evolution but emerging topics are Open Work; Open Gaming and Open Commerce, with a core focus on Open Intelligence. These are kicking off due to the maturing Open Web stack incorporating.

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