There’s nothing we love more than helping relentless, talented people bring bold ideas to life. If you are as committed as we are to making the Internet more open, accessible, and human-centric, come talk to us. Our team, network, and platform are here for you to make it happen.

How do we help?

Building a company is as much art as it is science. We don’t ‘prescribe’ a formal program - we just offer our expertise, time, resources, and our global network to help you solve problems as you encounter them.


Physical Space

Our home is your home. You will have your own desk space, a team to bounce ideas off, unlimited coffee, and the benefit of being surrounded by other entrepreneurs and builders.

Ideation Process

Having the vision of the future you want to build is key. Refining it into a business proposition is a different story. We are here to challenge you until your idea is bulletproof.


Talent matching

Every founder needs co-conspirators. Our talent platform and network are at your service to the find the right co-founders and team to execute on your vision.

Token economics

If relevant for your project, we will help you think through the right token economics & incentive design. Expect fun whiteboard sessions with our team & technical advisors!


Business Model

We have done much thinking on what the most successful Web 3.0 business models could look like, and would love to help you think through the best strategy for your project.


Whether it's a team compensation question, treasury management, business processes, or go-to-market strategy - our decades of experience in company building are at your disposal.


Admin & Legal

Over the past two decases we've built a strong network of service providers - tried and tested, so there is one less thing for you to worry about.

Seed Financing

When you are ready for the next step, we hope to be your first Seed partner, and help you shape the round with stellar investors.