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Drug Discovery

A future where Mary can benefit from highly personalised medication for her Parkinson Disease at the earliest stage, and maintain her usual quality of life. 

Millions of personal devices can now collect clinical data on real-time motor symptoms, share it trustlessly with research companies & pharmaceuticals, and enable the development of high-accuracy, AI-based prediction models. So that Mary’s GP can prescribe the right treatment at the right time, based on her specific hormone levels. 

Example: Dr Franz Pfister’s talk on ConnectedHealth + Ocean Protocol collaboration →


Supply Chain

A future where Tom’s fabric manufacturing business can unlock hundreds of thousands of value, currently locked for 59 days in unpaid invoices.

Today, Tom’s business is struggling to get liquidity to pay for its cotton supplier in Bangladesh, while it’s waiting for Nike to pay its bills. The luxury of supply chain financing is normally reserved for high-credit-score businesses (like Nike!) but now, thanks to the global map of buyer-supplier relationships as collateral, every business in the world can get access to working capital. 

Maex Ament’s talk on Centrifuge’s Global Business Graph →


Why do we need Web 3.0?




We see Web 3.0 as a confluence of technological drivers that allow the creation of highly human-centric, accessible, and private-by-design services.

Privacy-preserving technology

Confidential, secure, and privacy-preserving exchange of data and value.

Frictionless payments

Machine-to-Machine and Business-to-Consumer micropayments.

Censorship-Resistant Unified Ledger

Global permissionless access, participation worldwide and censorship resistance.

Application programming interface

Open & hardened API access proliferating across devices and systems.

Digital scarcity

Solving the double-spend problem for fungible value, and non-fungible goods and identities.

Permissionless Platforms

Granting effortless access to previously unattainable products.

Edge Computing

Maximise underused resources (wifi router, smartphones computation power).

Artificial Intelligence

Developing due to open availability of labelled training data and maturing of the discipline.

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