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Upcoming events

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🎤Blockchain Venture Summit — 21st November, London🎤
Max Mersch will be talking about active network participation & how we envision further evolution of venture capital investing in the space.

🎓Cambridge Blockchain Forum — 23rd November, Cambridge🎓
We are thrilled to contribute to this first conference by Cambridge Blockchain Hub, which is bringing together founders, academics, industry, and government representatives to focus on new business models enabled by decentralised networks, and applications emerging in the immediate future. Richard MuirheadEkaterina Almasque @ Samsung Catalyst Fund will contribute thoughts from an investor’s perspective — and you can catch some interesting updates from Nare Vardanyanntropy & Julien Bouteloup.

🌍Milken Institute London Summit — 4th December, London🌍
We highly recommend attending this annual gathering of leading minds holding a discussion at the intersection of technology, society, research, media, and philanthropy. Our team will be there!

☃️Slush — 4th-5th December, Helsinki☃️
A couple of days in the freezing weather could hardly be more exciting! Check back in on Fabric-hosted events at Slush — and of course make sure not to miss the infamous OpenOcean Poker Night!

☂️Fabric x Demos Westminster Summit — tba, London ☂️
We have recently launched a project — in collaboration with Demos UK — to establish a bridge between decentralised networks technologists and politicians, and encourage a more informed dialogue and decision-making when it comes to cryptoasset regulation and other issues. We will shortly announce the date of our event in Westminster, bringing together policy makers and technologists for a live discussion on the subject.


Previous events

EIF Deck - Nov 2018 (1).png

Are Parachains Better Than Smart Contracts? Polkadot x Fabric meetup — 14th November, London 
The Polkadot team discussed parachains with the local crypto community. A video recap will be available soon!

Coordination of Development: Incentives, Frameworks, and Governance @ Devcon4 – 31 October, Prague 
We had an amazing time having Aron Fischer / Colony, Facu Spagnuolo / Zeppelin, and Eleftherios / Oscoin dive into some of the fundamental tool stacks enabling coordination of work on decentralised networks.

Generalised Mining @ Devcon 4 - 30 October, Prague
Max Mersch joined the discussion on Generalised Mining with Jake Brukhman & Kyle Samani — facilitated by David Fauchier, at the meetup organised by Cambrial Capital & CoinFund. Check the video recap here.

Web3 Summit — 22–24 October, Berlin
Richard Muirhead joined Olaf Carlson-Wee / Polychain, Ryan Zurrer, and Vincent Zhou / FBG Capital to discuss the value of institutional investors in crypto — moderated by Jutta Steiner. You can watch the video from the panel here.

Fabric, Fern, Finality Gadgets & Substrate: meetup with Polkadot — 3rd October, London
Richard Muirhead joined Polkadot’s developer & research crew, and founders of Fern Protocol, to discuss Polkadot’s development roadmap, as well as broader scalability & security landscape.

On Deck x Fabric Dinner: Building with Blockstack — 2nd October, London
Once again we partnered with On Deck to bring together current and past founders with engineering and product talent who are launching, leveraging, or otherwise contributing to decentralised ecosystem. The theme of this evening was developing on Blockstack.

Decentralising the World: Blockstack on Tour — 1st October, London
We teamed up with Blockstack around their London event from the Blockstack on Tour series. Richard Muirhead discussed our view on why VCs need to be active participants in decentralised networks — together with David Fauchier and other friends in the space.

Rebuilding the Financial Infrastructure: Dharma meetup with Cambrial — 11th September, London 
In partnership with Cambrial Capital, we hosted Nadav Hollander from Dharmaat a meetup with London community. We discussed the use of Dharma’s protocol to create new classes of debt that have little-to-no analogues in traditional credit markets and different blockchain-based lending applications that could be built on top of the protocol.

Delicious Fabrications: EthBerlin Closing Party — 9th September, Berlin 
We had a great time hosting the EthBerlin closing night at the Chalet — in collaboration with our friends at Cambrial CapitalParity Technologies, SpankChain, and Dharma.

On Deck: Crypto — 29th August, London

Fabric meetup with The Block — 22nd August, London

Fabric meetup with Decentraland — 9th July, London

Blockchain track at CogX 2018–11–12 June, London

Clandestine Dinner @ Spyscape — 17th May, NYC (Token Summit)

OpenOcean CEO Summit — 15th March, London

EthCC Speakers Dinner, Paris — 9th March, Paris — co-hosted with Decusis & Ledger

The State of the Token Market — 22nd-24th January, Davos

TOA x Fabric Ventures: The State of Blockchain — 5th December 2017, Berlin